I appreciate your interest in my creations!

In search of creative ideas i came across felting some time ago.

  I am passionate about working with natural materials. Every day i discover new ways to create beautiful articles.

 Each of these items is one off the kind and therefore unique.On my page you will find my handmade products in very good quality of various materials, such as merino wool, cotton and Italian textile wool (Lycra).

When felting, i am applying techniques such as nuno felting and Shibori.

   Nuno felting is a wet felting technique that combines layers of loose wool, fibers with fabrics such as chiffon silk, viscose, mulberry silk and silk gauze to form very unusual, exclusive creations.

   Shibori is a textile art developed in Japan that creates art with surprising effects using stencils in several felt processes.

    Look at my page and find that everything is possible.

If you are interested or if you have any questions, please contact me.